PostageApp was built on a simple principle...

...create a smarter way for intelligent developers to manage + deliver emails from their web apps.

The Story of PostageApp

While away at a retreat in 2009, the developers of The Working Group (TWG) were discussing a common problem that they often faced while sending emails from our client's apps: sending large batches of personalized emails, and re-deploying the entire app for minor copy changes in templates were inefficient and burdensome.

In order to scratch their own itch, PostageApp was created. PostageApp became an email management tool that sat between the app and the SMTP server and was utilized internally for client projects that needed to send emails. After using PostageApp extensively, and sharing their story with other developers, TWG decided that PostageApp should be available as a service.

After a short beta testing period, PostageApp was released in August of 2010. Since its release, we've sent millions of emails and our customers and developer friends have told us what they love and what they need from us that will allow them to focus on building awesome apps.

On December 15, 2011, PostageApp moved beyond email management, and was re-launched as a complete solution for companies who wanted to design, deliver, and analyze emails sent from their web apps.

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