"Email is one of the most important interactions with your users and something that most start ups don't think twice about.

PostageApp scratches our itch."

Daniel Patricio
Founder, Pinpoint Social

"Using PostageApp is one of the rare things that our office unanimously agrees on - there's just nothing comparable for our needs."

Adil Dhalla
Co-Founder, My City Lives

“With PostageApp, we never worry about out emails disappearing into the ether – we know that our customers will receive messages every time.”

Michael Farah
CEO, ActofGood.org

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Email is the lifeblood of your web app – so get better control.

Easily manage and track all the email that your web apps send, using a set of tools built by developers just like you.

We’ll Deliver That For You

PostageApp handles all of the grunt work when it comes to sending your emails - just give us content, specify a recipient, and we’ll do the rest.

We have our own delivery engine, fine tuned and whitelisted for mass email, so that you won't have to worry about getting your email into inboxes ever again.

We take care of your emails, so you can focus on building an incredible app.

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css for email

HTML and CSS Templates

Having your email templates inside of your app means that any changes made to any part of the email will require a re-deploy of the app. This can be time consuming and is prone to errors.

With PostageApp, you can host your templates with us and write them in plain HTML and CSS and make any changes you need to without having to re-deploy anything. When we send your emails, we automatically flatten your code into email safe markup!

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Personalize for Every User

You can use message variables inside of your templates to easily personalize emails for users and give them customized content. Greet them by name and send them content relevant only to them, making your emails more valuable to your users and improving deliverability!

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custom email templates
email metrics

Engagement Analytics

Email provides a great window into user engagement. Detailed reporting of email activity tells you the story of what has happened to your emails, and those stories provide insights into your business.

We provide information on classic email metrics - opens, clicks, and inbox placement rate (IPR), as well as more subtle - if your users are providing fake or throwaway emails. Never be left in the dark again.

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Clean and Simple Integration

The PostageApp Email API is a JSON-based API that you can utilize by sending an HTTP POST request. It’s clean, simple, and made by developers for developers.

In addition, we have quite a few plugins for various languages and frameworks - from PHP to Rails and node.js - already available, to get you up and running even quicker.

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email code libraries

Ready to grab an API key and get started? We have plans available for single devs through enterprise.

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